Welcome to the DSP Centre of Excellence

The DSP Centre of Excellence, with State-of-the-art equipment worth over £3.5m (Increasing to over £5.5m by 2024) is part of the School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering in the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Bangor University.

The DSP Centre has founded in 2019 with £3.9m funding from the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government and received an additional £3m from the North Wales Growth Deal through Ambition North Wales, Welsh Government and UK Government in 2022.

We develop leading edge digital signal processing (DSP) technologies to enable advanced and intelligent systems with a focus on communication technologies such as 5G mobile networks and their associated ecosystems.

Innovative DSP algorithms embedded in network devices are a cost-effective way of speeding up networks, dynamically and optimally sharing network resources and implementing power managed devices for low-carbon networks.

Key strategic objectives of the DSP Centre are:

  • Become a highly successful Welsh research institution attracting significant research funding to Wales.
  • Collaborate closely with Welsh and international academic and industrial partners.
  • The long-term expansion the DSP Centre to become an international-leading DSP powerhouse with significant impact on the local economy.


European Regional Development Fund